KeepassXC Legacy browser integration warning

I am using KDE desktop and have been using KeepassXC password manager for several months without too much difficulty but I have just started getting a pop up labelled KeePassxc Legacy browser integration settings detected with the following text:-

Your KeePassXC-Browser settings need to be moved into the database settings.
This is necessary to maintain your current browser connections.
Would you like to migrate your existing settings now?

I have no idea what this means or why it should start appearing but if I select Yes I get another pop up labelled
KeePassXC: No entry with KeePassHTTP attributes found and the alert:-

The active database does not contain an entry with KeePassHTTP attributes.

Can anybody please advise me what is going on and how to resolve the issue please?

It seems KeePassXC warns you when it sees legacy browser integration related entry. It also seems it makes a legacy browser integration related entry when updating it (but why :confused:). In the trash can.If there is a KeePassXC-Browser or KeePassHTTP related entry in your recycle bin, removing it will do. Else I have no idea.