Keepass database vulnerale deletable

Has anyone seen something that would help me on this one?
I was using arch a wile ago, I got annoyed and came back to opensuse.
On main wile I started using Keepass to storage my passwords.
Back to opensuse I am using the same database so I do not need to put all the entries manualy, sweet.
The only thing is that the database (file where all the entries are stored) is deletable. In arch it was protected against deletion.
I started a new database to check on its behavior and the new database was also deletable.
It could be some settings on Keepass that I need to change.
What I tried to do was using chattr, but it did not work,
I will keep on trying to find the fixing. If I do I will post. Any help would be appreciated.

The best I could do was to hide the database inside a hidden folder.

IIRC there is a keepass plugin which automatically adds backups. That way, should you ever delete the database, you´d have a copy.

Although I’m not familiar with Keepass, there is documentation.
I don’t know whether you’re concerned about someone deleting the keepass database file (which can protected using Keepass security which relies on setting simple file access permissions) or database entries (I don’t see any protection)

Overall Keepass Policy implementation, deploying on a network share should just be optional. Same principles if deployed only on the local machine

Specific configuration recommendations

Anything unclear, just ask.