Keep Skype from muting all other applications when using pulseaudio on 11.4

I recently upgraded to 11.4, but skype seems to mute all other application streams when a call is active. I can manually unmute them, but it is rather annoying especially when listening to music in the background using Amarok since everytime a new track starts it creates a new stream and is muted again.

Did quite a bit of googling and found a few references to the issue, but no solutions.

I installed pavucontrol just to see if it had more options then kde’s built in multimedia settings, but it doesn’t (just has the cool how loud is the volume currently).

I would appreciate thoughts, short of attempting to switch to alsa. I like the individual application (stream) volumes.

I am thinking on removing pulseaudio. That @%#@ never-ever worked properly. I always had skype problems with it, except now. Even though I don’t have any apparent problems for now, I am just waiting something to break.