Keep getting logged out since a few weeks ago.

Is it just me? I keep getting logged out of web ui every few minutes. It’s inconsistent as far as timing. Sometimes I log in, and the next thing I click on I’m no longer logged in on that new page. Sometimes, rarely lately, I manage to stay logged in for an hour or more, even while idle. For example, even though I’m logged in on, or else I couldn’t have started this post, when I finish writing this very post the submit button may fail saying I need to log in first.

There was a mention of a similar problem on the opensuse-wiki mail list of some people being logged out of the wiki, and one proposed solution was actually to log in to any other opensuse site, such as, but I’m having the problem on

Chrome on Windows7 x86_64. cookies enabled of course. “remember password for this site” also enabled.

Nope, not just you. Same here. :frowning:

OBS is having lots of issues with iChain authentication atm -it’s
causing the random outages, and it keeps logging everyone out every few
Adrian S is looking into a replacement for iChain, hopefully he’ll get
something up and running soon.