I’m about to install SuSE 11.1 on a brand new Compaq Presario.
It came with Vista which I intend to wipe out and
repartition the disk.

On the disk there is a partition D: FACTORY_IMAGE.
Is there any reason not to wipe that out?


one: check your computer’s documentation for a warranty statement as
many (most? all?) laptop makers VOID the warranty if you put any other
OS on the hard drive…

of course, many folks do that and then if the hardware breaks they set
the drives BACK to the original configuration prior to sending the
machine in for repair…

therefore, unless you wish to VOID your warranty, be very sure you
know exactly how to rebuild the factory installed system…

two: many (most? all?) laptops have UNIQUE hardware…and some of the
stuff in manufacturer’s included partitions (some hidden) are needed
for one reason or another…check your documentation…

three: i’ve not bought a laptop since about '98, so get other opinions
(hint: the forum has an advanced search page)

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How big is it? I have a small manufacturer’s partition on my new laptop which I just told openSUSE to ignore for the reason mentioned above - it might have something relevant from the manufacturer.

I had to boot Vista once because the manufacturer’s handbook was a PDF on the machine; but once, I had copied that to a CD, I let openSUSE rip.