kdvdcreator to disc?

I’ve been searching around - can anyone point me to a good “how to” with kdvdcreator? I was able to take an avi and create a dvd disk structure on my hard drive - it was all very intuitive in the gui which makes it very good software in my opinion - but now I don’t know how to transfer that structure to a DVD. K3b doesn’t seem to do it unless it’s already in an “.iso” file, and I can’t find any online wiki or demo with kdvdcreator that has a “where do we go from here” (i.e., getting it onto a DVD) section. Well, I couldn’t even find a kdvdcreator manual online either.


It’s not an application I use. @oldcpu may have used it though, so he may reply here. But I have used devede and to a lesser degree ManDVD. Both are in Packman. And with regard to these, I have never even checked to see if they have manuals. Sorry I can be any more help. But I just noticed no one had replied, so this will bring it back to the top.

I started fooling around with ManDVD and it seems pretty nice, but keeps trying to add subtitles and then erroring out. Found 2manDVD but that’s only in French (?)

Like I say: devede is what I use mostly. And then only to make up dvd’s for the Mother-In-Law. It doesn’t get too technical. I have added some .png files to the devede directory /usr/share/devede to get some nice backgrounds to the menu’s. You can add audio in a similar way.

Not so.

If you already have the video_ts directory structure on your hard drive, then the rest is easy and can be done with k3b.

If one selects to create a video dvd on k3b, on the bottom window it has a location where video_ts files can be dragged. Then in the top window in k3b one drags the appropriate files to the lower video_ts directory in k3b.

Then burn the dvd.

and “volia”. A video DVD. This is how I do it. I’ve done this many many dozens of times.

Try first with a RW DVD.

I always love reading your posts - I was looking at k3b and saying to myself, " there’s no such menu!" - then I noticed the “further actions…” button. Linux software is always surprising me even though I use it much! If I’d but clicked around a bit longer, I might’ve found it miself…
Thank you very much!!!
:slight_smile: Patti rotfl!