KDM wrong resolution


I’ve just installed openSUSE 12.2 (new installation, KDE DM).

Everything went OK, except for the screen size picked by the installer, which chose a much too small resolution.

I’ve managed to change the resolution of the KDE desktop once logged in, and also to edit /etc/default/grub to set the grub screen size to something palatable, but I can’t figure out where to do the same for the kdm login screen.

Anybody know where this is stored/can be changed?



Video card? and have you install propritary driver??

AMD. I haven’t installed any particular driver (yet), this is the system as it came off the dvd. TIA Lenwolf

Then install the Catalyst driver, if applicable to your video card. Please note, that we cannot help you if you don’t give as much info as you can. We need brands, models etc

OK, I thought I had replied sufficiently. This is an AMD (former ATI) 6870 graphics card. The monitor is on a DVI port. Do you need the brand of the card? I can open the machine ans check later on if necessary. The installation is a direct installation off the 12.2 DVD, no additional drivers loaded at all. I checked the installation media : all OK. Remember, all I want is to modify the KDM resolution. I’ll install the catalyst driver later - will that really cause a switch in the KDM resolution? TIA Lenwolf

And I forgot to add: 12.2 64 bit. TIA Lenwolf