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Hello everyone, I understand that some people get angry when noobs such as me don’t look through the forums before posting a question, but I have looked around for a while and havn’t really found any help specific to me:

With that said: I am having trouble figuring out how to change my log-in screen, I tried to look it up, and figure it out myself, but alas, This is my first time with both KDE and open SUSE. I used to use Ubuntu, but since they took my ability to change the login screen i thought i’d switch distros 8D Help is appreciated!

Not saying it can’t be done but I understand it can be pretty difficult. Not sure why the log on theme change has been removed from both KDE and Gnome. In theory it is just a picture.

Oh, I see. So they took it away, not from the actual distro, but gnome/KDE in general. Oh well lol Thank you for your response :smiley:

Here is the link to change the KDM theme in openSUSE. Have fun!!!

change the kdm login screen

etech97 :slight_smile:

THANKS ALOT :smiley: That helped me ^^

Glad I could provide the link :slight_smile: