KDM Stop ?

Hi, I’m new to Suse and I’ve been trying to stop kdm the normal way, switching to a virtual terminal with ctrl+alt+f1 and using:

# /etc/init.d/kdm stop

…and got “command not found”. I’ve done it this way in other distro’s and it’s always worked. How do I stop/start kdm from a virtual terminal in Suse ?

init 3 should work as root

You may need to try stopping it as root. Also, if you want to kill the gui, ctrl-bkspace twice in succession restarts it as well.

===> rckdm

===> locate rckdm

===> ls /usr/sbin/rc*

===> rckdm --help

===> rckdm stop

This link just describes the init/rc structure.
Creating Custom init Scripts



# /usr/sbin/rckdm stop


# /usr/sbin/rckdm start

…were just what I needed. :wink:

Unlike other Distros, openSUSE uses


or (only a symlink)


for controlling KDM, GDM or XDM depending on which displaymanager ist actually used.