KDM face recognition

Has anyone else tried this. I installed the pam-face-recognition and kdm plugin from RPMs, but when I tried the qt-facetrainer command, I get “Illegal instruction”.

Any tips?

Hi Pandarsson:)

Haven’t tried that but here’s a couple thoughts. Try the qt-facetrainer command from a terminal and copy/paste the output back here, also any significant messages in /var/logs/message. Further, where did you obtain the RPM(s) from (openSuSE repos, kde repos)?If you got it/them from somewhere, there could well be unmet dependicies.

Let us know what your results are.


Where did you get the rpms from? I noticed that there are a couple of failed builds on the OBS. I used the one from HERE and it worked fine. I used the 11.2 version but he has a 11.3 version too. I noticed that his latest build has errors so use version 0.3-13.1.