kdm, annoying "unused user" indicated in the selection list

Is there a way around this? (See screenshot, the “default user is the actual user”).
Well, I did post the suste-paste link, but it does not seem to work.
SUSE Paste

Well, it seems that you loged in on logica screen 7 first, then started to use logical screen 8 and then loged out on 7. Thus it is free. I guess that is what is shown (I admit in a bit strange way).

But I am not able to check this behaviour here, because I refuse to do so with a change that I do so on another version of openSUSE then you use.

It seams that it is related with a kwin bug. When kwin crashes, then the logical screen stay orphan. It does not shut down. The whole plasma desktop is slowed terribly down. At a point kwin may crash again and eventually you get rid of the logical screen and the system speeds up impressively. The bug on kwin I reported was marked duplicate and it is apparently well known (with a lot of duplicates coming in). Thanks for the reply. I appreciated.