Kdialog runs havoc.

Problem: Everytime I try to play a downloaded video file in Miro, Kdialog <2> steps in and wants me to download ,the required software" to play that file. This I do and try again and the very same thing happens all over. I have the default Video players for Miro installed: Xine and Gstreamer and many more not really needed to play Miro’s files. I have no problems with any other video content on the web, it’s Miro that’s being blocked by this eager beaver Kdialog. Reinstalling Miro, Xine and Gstreamer doesn’t do it. So now what? Where lays the bug? As a newbe I can’t fix this and I can’t find anything about this problem on the web and I’ve tried for days.I would be very grateful if someone would look into this.Nofootball on Suse 11.01 x86-64 kde3.5.