KDEWallet problems when logging into 42.1

When I login to 42.1 running KDE. the KDE Wallet program asks me for two passwords to different Wallet IDs, neither of which I know. Then I am asked for my Wifi network’s key, which I type in. This connects me to my Wifi. Following that I am asked once again for a KDE Wallet password to some Wallet ID, which I do not know. This sequence happens each time I login to 42.1 with KDE.

I would like for the Wifi connection to save my Wifi key and use it automatically each time I login to connect to my Wifi network. I would like KDE Wallet not to bother me at all. In other words when I login, by giving my login password, I do not want to be bothered by either KDE Wallet or by my Wifi connection to have to enter more information, just to be able to connect to my Wifi network each time. How do I accomplish this ?

This happens because there are two different wallets. One is for the older KDE4 applications and the other for the newer Plasma 5 applications.

I suggest that you first fully update your system, because both KDE wallet and NetworkManager have seen changes since the original release.

For KDE wallet: may logout, then login to Icewm so that nothing KDE is running.

cd ~/.kde4/share/config
rm kwallet*
cd ../apps
rm -rf kwallet
### the above is for the KDE4 wallet.
cd ~/.config
rm kwallet*
cd ../.local/share
rm -rf kwalletd
### and then for plasma5 wallet

That should delete both wallets. When you next login to KDE, you can set them up again with passwords that you can remember.

Possible choice 1: Use a blank password. Then you should never need to provide the password.
Choice 2: Use GPG encryption, with the same GPG key for both wallets. Then you should only be prompted once, because “gpg-agent” remembers the passphrase for your GPG key.
Choice 3: Use convention encryption (“blowfish”?). Then you may still be prompted twice, but at least you will remember the key.

The WiFi issue:

Right-click on the NetworkManager tray icon, and select “edit connections”. Then edit your WiFi connection. Go to the security tab. Look for where you enter the network key. There should be two icons near the right of that field. If you can only see one icon, then either maximize or unmaximize the edit window. The resizing should make both icons visible. One icon looks like an eye. The other looks like a floppy disk. Click on the latter. You should have a choice on where to save the network key. Select the option to save unencrypted and shared with other users. You might also have to enter the key at this stage.

Save the changes. You should never be prompted again for WiFi key.

Thank you very much ! Everything worked well.