KDevelop 4.1.1 cann't compile. kdelibs4-devel missing.

Hi! Such a problem, I’m using KDevelop 4.1.0 at the moment. Quite a long time ago already kdevelop 4.1.1 available with all bugfixes. But I can’t compile it, beacause of missing package kdelibs4-devel(at least so it is called in other linux distributions).

Can someone help to compile it/find missing dependecies or is there already an rpm available? Version of kdevelop 4.1.0 is quite bugfull. Any suggestions? Thanks for help!

PS. KDE 4.5.4 is in use.

So? No solutions available?

phoenix91140 wrote:

> So? No solutions available?
I guess what you are looking for is the package

su -c "zypper in libkde4-devel"

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Well… that was really it… but anyway compilation fails… even cann’t find out is there any packege broken, or source codes contain errors. Does anyone know, when will RPM packages release? Strange thing, all ready some 2-3 weeks passed by, but still no new rpms available. :frowning: