kdesu dolphin error

kdesu dolphin loads dolphin, but I get the error -

Could not start process Cannot talk to klauncher: The name org.kde.klauncher was not provided by any .service file

whenever I try to browse.

openSUSE 11.1 64bit, KDE 4.2.

Any fixes? Thanks :slight_smile:

Bug 165268 – Dolphin, launched by command “kdesu dolphin” does not work. ?

Yeah, looks like the same beast. Oh well :frowning:

open a file this way: Eg;

kdesu kwrite /etc/fstab

Yeah, thanks caf, but I’m too lazy to muck around with cd and rm! Dolphin makes it so much faster and easier ;).

I just wish dolphin had a “make link” function like nautilus has! I really miss that :(.

Gah! Just realised I still have Konqueror KDE3 super user mode :sarcastic:.


My next suggestion! No worries

Also for me

kdesu konqueror

works. Thats the kde4 version. You could create a shortcut.

I had a crash during a zypper dup session this morning. Afterwards I had this problem with Dolphin (and some other weird issues). Just ran zypper dup again and it was sorted.

So maybe check your updates?