Kde's taskbar

you can see below my taskbar

Imageshack - snapshot1dj.png

I would like to make the different programs running and shown at taskabar

firefox,Fslint, Thunderbird to have some borders around them,

This will make them appear more clear to me.

(as it is in windows)


Try a different theme like: Oxygen or SlimGlow

Do you mean Scheme?
Control Center->Colors>-scheme?
I tried it but didnt notice any change :frowning:

A different Plasma theme.

In 4.4.x:
Personal Settings > Appearence > Style > Tab:Workspace

In 4.5.x:
Personal Settings > Workspace Appearence > Desktop Theme

Or you can use the command:

kcmshell4 desktoptheme

Or alt+F2 and just ‘desktoptheme’.

I wonder what version of openSUSE and kde you have too

Thanks a lot . I tried Oxygen and Slim Glow. I cant see any really dfference between the programs in the taskbar… thus I am not sure If I have to relog and log back in again (which I can not try it now)

kde 4.4.4 release 3


SUSE Paste


worked after kde restart. Cheers


Sometimes when I change the workspace the new worskpace is not applied and thus I restart kde. Is it possible to do refresh taskbar to see the new settings withtout loging out loging in?

You would need to restart plasma-desktop. I have used this small bash script several times before:

# !/bin/bash
kquitapp plasma-desktop
kstart plasma-desktop

Copy&paste it into a text file, save it with the extension “.sh” into “~/bin” and then make it executable.

No guarantees.

Although, I am not really sure if restarting the KDE session or restarting just the plasma desktop are really such good solutions for what you describe here:

So, no guarantees x2.

Seems that worked :slight_smile: Cheers