KDENLIVE Version available

The Kdenlive version available with Leap 15.3 is 20.04.2. In another thread for Tumbleweed Wolfi323 mentioned that the latest version presumably 21.08 is working fine on Leap 15.3. I found that Community repository hosted by Wolfi is offering one click install of the application. I request for advice regarding upgrading to this version, as I am more of a starter learner.


You are of course free to install on your system what you want. Arguments could be:

  • it is not the official released version for 15.3;
  • how strongly do you need new features of the product;
  • when Wolf says it will work OK, then that is of course a good advice;
  • etc., etc.

Thanks hcvv

I certainly know that Wolfi323, a Global Moderator, would be giving good advice. From the release notes it is clear that quite a few enhancements have been made in the application. What I would like to know is if I need to remove existing installation of Kdenlive before going in for one click install or does the new install take care of it!


When the package has the same name (only a different version) you can install a newer version and that will replace the older (like every package update).

Basically it is not important if you use the “one-click” or “manually” add the repo and install from it. But the "one-click has the disadvantage that it adds a repo and many users do not understand this. Then they have an ebabled repo, that potentially may contain other software they do not want to use. (We have seen people adding Tumbleweed repos to their Leap installation by doing a “one-click” and then later they had a broken half/half system).

So the advice is to:

  • either use the "one click’, but after installation check which repo is added and better disable it until needed again (for an update of the particular package(s) you have from it);
  • or add the repo (zypper or YaST> Repo Management), install the package(s) wanted and again disable the repo as above.

That is what I was trying to understand! Addition of the repo is the key.

Thanks again



The whole idea about the “invention” of the one-click was to make it easier for the users to install. Only once click on the “Install” button and it will then add the repo and do the installation in one “go”. AFAIK during that, it will ask if the repo should stay enabled after the installation But as the one-click is often used by people who have no idea about repos and what they are for, that question is not understood and skipped. :frowning:

The “one-click” also only functions from within a browser that is configured to understand the MIME type that is used for it. Other browsers will not understand and ask if you want to download the file, which then leads to further confusion.

As the most famous Dutch football-player once said: “Every advantage has it’s disadvantage.” lol!

Kdenlive 21 is available from Experimental repos: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/558629-Finding-adding-repos-installing-packages-for-Leap-15-3-from-quot-Experimental-quot-branch

Well, well things are not that simple (as I thought).
Added the stipulated repo via zypper command and refreshed. The new Kdenlive software appeared in Yast -> Software Management. Selected it and went ahead. Installation reported successful. However the old software was still there.

Neither the new nor the old installation would start. Got error messages. So uninstalled the old and tried to run the new one again. No good… Uninstalled and reinstalled the new, still no go. Got error messages but sorry, failed to keep note. Did try to report bug through the message option for it. Not sufficient data it said and asked for manual reporting. Have nothing to add so cannot do that meaningfully.

Finally uninstalled the new, disabled the new repo, and reinstalled the old. That is working. Phew!

Maybe Wolfi323 will spot this thread and advise.


To add to the above, I tried installing the new kdenlive for Leap 15.2 (I have both 15.2 and 15.3 versions). There was no previous installation of kdenlive here. Followed instructions (for Leap 15.2 for KDE-4) exactly as stipulated in community site by Wolfi323. The installation appeared to go through smoothly but the program would not start. Deleted the installation!

Will have to wait for official release of new version.


A new community repo now appears at :

for kdenlive. The previous one by Wolfi323 did not work for me. Wondering if I should try the new one.


kdenlive 21.08 from wolfi323 is build against a newer kf5 Version and maybe will not start with the kf5 version of Leap 15.3…

Thanks. I see it is better to wait.


I dont think installing an unsupported version is recommended as it broke my system once ( i tried to install latest firefox in leap 15.3 a few months ago and it caused a lot of unstability) and I dont think that much work is worth it to gain a small functionality or a tiny bugfix(im not following the kdenlive update cycle- assuming it is a small update)


You are quite right. Loadiing or even trying to load unsupported software is very risky. I took a calculated risk in trying to load kdenlive latest version from the community repo. The reason being that the build was put up by wolfi323 who is a Global Moderator in this forum and in a post in another thread he had remarked that the version would work on Leap 15.3. I certainly have no idea why it did not work for me.

By the way I have another line of defence - I keep my data, info, working files etc on a separate partition. So even if the OS has to be totally reinstalled and takes some time, that is all there is to it! Actually it happened to me once quite a few openSUSE releases ago. No, I was not trying something risky but something went wrong.


I have noticed that Kdenlive version 21.12.0 has been released as official for Tumbleweed. I suppose that in due course it will be inducted into
Leap maybe 15.4 if not 15.3. That set me thinking and I found that quite a large number of posts are now in respect of TW in comparison to Leap 15.3 or 15.2. Further it is claimed that TW is quite stable and well, reliable. I already keep the last two versions of Leap on my system. So how about keeping minimalistic TW for using Kdenlive initially. May catch the bug and try using it for other apps too!

Any suggestion or advice is requested. Thanks.