KDEnlive not recognizing avformat from ffmpeg!

When I start KDEnlive it shows an “X” next to avformat(ffmpeg), despite me having installed both ffmpeg and kdenlive from packman. I’ve checked and I have installed: “libavformat52”, “libavformat54”, “libavformat55” yet it still shows as missing. How do I fix this?

Using openSUSE 13.1.

Check that “melt”, “melt6”, “libmlt6”, “libmlt6-modules” and “libmlt6-data” come from Packman as well.

That seems to have fixed it, thanks! I don’t get the popup error anymore. How can I check for certain? Is there somewhere in kdenlive that shows the compatibility and what’s enabled?

The only place I am aware of is in the Configuration Wizard (you can run it in the Settings menu).

If you want to know what codecs ffmpeg supports, run “ffmpeg -codecs” in a terminal window.