kdenlive + melt

Have been trying to do some videos using kdenlive, and having issues when trying to render the completed project. It seems that there is a problem (memory leak) with the current packman version of mlt 0.5.2
Apparently V0.5.4 fixes the problem. Have tried compiling mlt from source, but then my kdenlive crashes. Have been going round in circles with this.
Has anybody got a working solution that doesn’t have the memory leak??
Thanks, John.

I have kdenlive compiled against KDE 4.3.1 and KDE 4.4.4 (you use KDE 4.4.1???), and mlt 0.5.6 in my home repository. It can be found through the search engines:
software.opensuse.org: Download openSUSE 11.2


  1. It starts. I have not tested it anymore than that.
  2. “having issues” and “It seems that there is a problem (memory leak)” are not great descriptions of the problem. So I can’t say if the “problem” is fixed.

Yeah, sorry… - poor description!

Running 11.2 x64/KDE4.4.1. The issue is that rendering falls over a few minutes after starting, which is apparently (found through a bit of googlin…) due to a memory leak in MLT 0.5.2.
Will give it a try when I am home…
Thanks, John.