kdenlive from RedDwarf - sox dependency problem

Hi -

I installed kdenlive 0.7.5 from RedDwarf a week or two ago, and was pleased as punch. But something happened - could have been one of many things - and I found myself needing to install it again.

My system is sus3 11.1 x86_64 gnome 2.26. I’ve got kdebase4-runtime 4.3.1 installed from factory, as well as qt4.5.

From this thread you can see that the packager has mlt split up a number of ways - you need to install four libraries plus melt - and it turns out that libmlt1-modules is dependent on libsfx.so.

It seems that the problem is that libsfx.so used to be bundled with sox, but yast pushed out a brand new spanking version of sox recently, and libsfx.so is no longer included. The end result is that kdenlive doesn’t install. Actually, it does install, it just doesn’t run.

I ended up solving the problem by downgrading sox to the original version from the suse 11.1 distribution. I have a sneaking suspicion that the package is looking for the packman version, so I don’t know how much trouble that is going to cause.

I guess I just wanted to post the problem so that the people that kindly make these packages available to us are aware of the problem. I would also like a recommendation as to which sox rpm is going to work best, or if it actually matters.


  • John

All needed packages should be installed automatically by default when you install kdenlive:

# zypper -v in kdenlive
The following NEW packages are going to be installed:
  frei0r-plugins-1.1.22-4.1.x86_64  (RedDwarf's Home, openSUSE Build Service)
  kdenlive-0.7.5-1.1.x86_64  (RedDwarf:KDE:Factory, openSUSE Build Service)
  libgavl1-1.1.1-1.2.x86_64  (RedDwarf's Home, openSUSE Build Service)
  libmlt++2-0.4.4-8.1.x86_64  (RedDwarf:multimedia, openSUSE Build Service)
  libmlt1-0.4.4-8.1.x86_64  (RedDwarf:multimedia, openSUSE Build Service)
  libmlt1-data-0.4.4-8.1.x86_64  (RedDwarf:multimedia, openSUSE Build Service)
  libmlt1-modules-0.4.4-8.1.x86_64  (RedDwarf:multimedia, openSUSE Build Service)
  melt-0.4.4-8.1.x86_64  (RedDwarf:multimedia, openSUSE Build Service)
  sox-14.1.0-11.22.x86_64  (openSUSE 11.1 Oss, openSUSE)

Overall download size: 7.4 M. After the operation, additional 54.4 M will be used.
Continue? [YES/no]: 

Yes, with version 14.2.0 sox “Merged libsfx back into libsox to align with sox.h API.”, that’s an incompatible change. I could built against the latest 14.3.0, but openSUSE 11.1 came with sox 14.1.0… that’s the version I should compile against. Any update should be compatible, so I would say this problem should be fixed at Packman.

I think kdenlive only uses sox to add echo, reverb and that kind of effects to sound, not for format conversion. In such a case you can use the original sox from openSUSE in kdenlive without problems. But you will have a sox without patented codecs support… perhaps that’s a problem for you for other cases not related to kdenlive.

…openSUSE 11.2 will be released in two months and I will install it the day it’s released. And I’m not a heavy kdenlive/sox user.
So, I have no plans to fight this problem for 11.1. Right now my plan is to stop building for pre-11.2 openSUSE versions since I want to use the new rpm 4.7 features. Solutions?

  • Packman could update kdenlive
  • Packman could patch its sox package to be compatible
  • Someone could take my package and built it against sox 14.3.0 (available in the OBS)
  • Someone could built sox 14.1.0 with patented codecs support.
    Again, I have no plans to do any of these.