KDEInit fails in Konqueror


I’m trying to convince a newbie that openSuSE is the answer to all of life’s questions… BUT, I have stumbled upon a problem which may discredit me as de facto guru.

When I select a folder in the navigation pane of Konqueror 3.5.10 release 27.4, I get a message which indicates that KDEInit cannot start. Hence, nothing appears in the right-side window. However, if I type-in the address (e.g. /home), then it works fine.

Is there a way to reinstall Konqueror without messing with the whole KDE suite? Any other simple solution possible? I want to show that this can be fixed without any major sorcery :slight_smile:


I reinstalled and the problem still exists. Maybe there’s something wrong with Konqueror’s profile in the /home directory. Can I simply delete the profile?

This is really strange. I deleted Konqueror’s profile in /home/… , and I reinstalled openSuSE. Then, I reinstalled kdecore.

I still get the KDEInit error when I try to open a folder from the tree. How frustrating >:( Isn’t there a way to reinstall KDEInit itself?