kdeinit error after update

after applying the latest 10.3 updates released in the last 48 hours (sorry I dont recall which 2 were installed but I do know that one of them was a qt related update) I can no longer start a graphical session on my server.

I get a kdeinit error popup box during the kde startup, then back to a text screen. I am getting the following error messages in the logs and on the screen during the kde startup:

kde-config: error while loading shared libraries : libqt-mt.so.3: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory
/opt/kde3/bin/kdeinit: error while loading shared libraries: libqt-mt.so.3: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory
startkde: could not start kdeinit. check your installation>

There is a libqt-mt.so.3 file in /usr/lib/qt3/lib which is a symlink to libqt-mt.so.3.3.8. I made sure the /usr/lib/qt3/lib is included in the LD_LIBRARY path.

Has anyone else experienced this error after installing the latest 10.3 updates? Or know why kdeinit would suddenly break?

I didnt pay attention to which 2 updates were installed this morning, and so cannot revert back to the previous installation base. Nor am I quite sure how to go about fixing kdeinit so that I can start KDE since there seems to be a bug in a shared library somewhere that doesn’t recognize libqt-mt.so.3 anymore.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Do not want to have to reload this server as it has many Virtual Machines installed on it.


It appears the problem was related to the application of the libqt4-4.3.1-23.6 updates. Reverting to the libqt4-4.3.1-23.4 version seemed to resolve the kdeinit error.