KDEInit Could not Launch

KDEInit Could not Launch please Help and mean time how to solve the solution please Help me?

Hi, welcome here,

Could you please post some more info?
openSUSE version
Fresh install?
32/64 bit?
Any updates/repos installed?

  • the exact message you’re getting when trying to logon to the desktop

Hello visupvg,

I see this is your first post here. Welcome.

Posting for the first time you may have missed that you posted this in the subforum “Looking for something other then support”, where the subtitle says:

If you are looking for manuals, books, repositories, hardware, software, etc. this is the place to see if someone can help you find it.
But to me it looks you want help/support. Thus this is the wrong place. I hope you will understand that having your question in the correct subforum will help to draw the attention of people who watch that subforum for the reason that they know something about the subject. Thus it is in your own interest to post a question in the most fitting subforum.

Also like Knurpht allready told you, telling almost nothing about your problem will probably shy people away from helping you. Things like:
. what openSUSE level, what KDE level;
. is this immediatly after an install, after an update, after 43 yeasr of flawless functioning or anything that we can no know without being clarvoyant;
. more things you may tthink that can help us to help you.