KDEInit could not launch "/home/usr/Downloads/iron-linux-64/iron-wrapper"

Hello people
I am very new to linux, and so far i like it. But i ran into a problem that i couldnt find an answer to. I installed SRWARE Iron and it works perfectly (i made a link to an application on my desktop and it works fine). But when i try to click on a link provided by a friend (in skype) or a link to some page in a launcher of some kind this error pops up (KDEInit could not launch “/home/Ilya/Downloads/iron-linux-64/iron-wrapper”).

After installing SRWARE Iron i had to move it to another location cause i did not want it to hang in my Downloads folder. But I have no idea how to switch the location from where KDEInit tries to launch my browser when clicking on a link.

Any help would be appreciated!


You have to edit the shortcut and adjust the paths to where you moved the program. Normally, one would install in ~/bin, which is the same as /home/YOURUSERNAME/bin. Now the shortcut assumes the installed program is in ~/Downloads.