kded5 and ksmserver randomly start using 100% CPU and memory leaking

I decided to post about this here first, given the problem is so absurd I don’t even know if I should report such a thing. Apparently, since a few days ago, I am experiencing a very bizarre problem with the latest Tumbleweed packages:

At random intervals, the the processes “kded5” and “ksmserver” suddenly begin eating 100% of a CPU thread, sometimes causing other processes (it’s random which) to do so alongside them. kded5 and ksmserver immediately being memory leaking, forcing me to log off and restart x11 before the RAM is filled. This might or might not be related to a similar issue that has been taking place for over a month now… in which a random process occasionally begins eating 100% of a CPU thread and becomes unresponsive all of a sudden, requiring the program to be killed and started again, although in this case there hasn’t been an accompanying memory leak.

What exactly triggers this is uncertain, but it appears to take place whenever I delete groups of files in Dolphin. Does anyone else have similar issues, and know what this might all be about?

That sounds like it’s re-indexing files, baloo is the KDE tool. Maybe tweak the options for that?

Baloo is permanently disabled on my system, so it’s not that. I keep it off at all time to avoid disk I/O causing all processes to hiccup and go into “disk sleep” constantly.