Kdebluetooth4 needs bluez?

When I try to update kdebluetooth4 package to the newest version from KDE4 Factory Repo, I get a dependency error that it needs bluez package. It seems strange, because previous version didn’t need that package. So i got a question, is the package “bluez” available in any repo, or do I have to install the package from bluez.org?


the current kdebluetooth4 does not need/and also does not work with bluez4.x. This is because solid still uses bluez3.x as bluetooth backend.

The dependency in the kdebluetooth4 package is a preparation for SLE11, where only bluez4 will be shipped.
To get kdebluetooth4 work with bluez4, solid has to be ported to use the bluez4.x api.

So ATM to get kdebluetooth4 work, you have to install the bluez-libs-3.x and bluez-utils-3.x and then install kdebluetooth4 (ignoring the dependency to bluez4).

There’s also an open bug to this problem:

How do you ignore the dependency? Both Yast and Zypper only give me one option: “Solution 1: do not install kdebluetooth4-0.2-12.12.x86_64”. There is no option to ignore the dependency that I can see.

sorry, for not writing here earlier.
Well, I have the same problem as TheBlackCat. Unfortunately, while I was trying to solve it, I uninstalled kdebluetooth4 and… I can’t install it any more :stuck_out_tongue: So now I’m using kdebluetooth for KDE3.

I got it installed. I downloaded the file from the repository using my web browser from here:

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Extra-Apps/openSUSE_11.0/x86_64

Navigate up one folder and you can pick our own architecture.

I updated with the following command:

sudo rpm -U --nodeps --force kdebluetooth4-0.2-12.13.x86_64.rpm

Be sure to replace the file with the correct version and architecture. If you don’t already have kdebluetooth4 installed you should use the -i option instead of -U.