KDE5 + LEAP + Automatic Software Updater

An Internal System Error occurred. An Error we didn’t expect occurred.


FlashPlayer update waiting to install. I click on Install Updates and it goes through about 4 or 5 steps, pauses on the downloading step, then this error appears. I rebooted, that didn’t help…I opened YAST2 and started the online update, but it didn’t report any updates to install. Nothing to do. I don’t understand. :’(

Go back into Yast and choose the Software Management module. In there, search for flash. It should then show you the installed version and if there is an updated version. You can there choose to update it.:wink:

It shows as already at the available version…I chose to force it to update(Re-Install), but I got this error:

Error: INVALID:flash-plugin- (
Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID f6777c67: NOKEY
Header SHA1 digest: OK (fd20456b9129295657abe653af0fb
MD5 digest: OK (e2e99fc9f8538bd54f8ce6c6c60d4b81)
V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID f6777c67: NOKEY

I have no clue what any of that means…

This means that the packages in the Adobe repo are not signed, so the package management doesn’t allow to install it.
You basically have these options:

  • Use YaST or zypper to install it and tell it to ignore this when asked
  • disable the signature check for the repo, either in YaST->Software Repositories or with “zypper mr --no-gpgcheck XXX”
  • remove the Adobe repo and install flash-player from Packman instead

I would do the last.

I, too, would recommend what wolfi suggests:

I would do the last.