KDE5 - Kmail - where is mail stored?

I have just upgraded from 13.2 to 42.2 . In 13.2 I used one physical drive to hold programs and data. In 42.2, I put in an SSD for OpenSUSE and a 3.5" drive for data. I copied (backed up) my 13.2 data onto the new 3.5" drive, so the data is there. I’m going to refer to the 3.5" drive as my “data drive”.

I have been using kmail with mail saved in maildir format. I have an extensive collection of e-mail in 13.2 that I want to keep in 42.2 . First, I tried using “PIM settings exporter” to download settings and e-mails in the 13.2 system, and then I restored to the 42.2 system. It partially worked in that some mail was exported/imported but not all. Because of this, I don’t trust PIM Settings Exporter.

Well, since the e-mails that I want to have access to exist on the data drive, I’d like to create a link in the 42.2 system that points to the data on the data drive. So, my question is: where does the 5.3.0 version of kmail store saved e-mails when the e-mails are in maildir format?


Is it in $HOME/.local/share/local-mail/, or $HOME/.local/share/akonadi/?

That’s the default location, yes.
But actually it’s fully configurable, so it might be anything (especially if you updated from previous versions).
Have a look into the account settings:
“Configure KMail”->“Accounts”->“Receiving”, select the maildir resource and click “Edit”.

Mine is in ~/Mail/. (which was the default in 3.0…) :wink:

or $HOME/.local/share/akonadi/?

No, that contains akonadi’s database/cache.

Many thanks.


I don’t know if you can help with this or not… Finally able to download email. I used the “Import/Export Kmail data” to transfer things over. I notice (happily) that my filters have transferred over As you suggested, I pointed my maildir to the folder that contains all of my emails after they are filtered. (such folders as “spam”, “bills”, “dogs”, etc. etc.) These folders do not appear in kmail, nor do the messages that were in my inbox appear. Any idea why not?


…More information… the e-mail that I downloaded went into ~/data/.local/share/…local-mail.directory.directory, rather than ~/data/.local/share/.local-mail.directory . The “…” in front of local-mail.directory.directory is, in fact, a part of the file name.

When I set up the place for e-mail to go, I used “.local-mail.directory” somehow the “…” and the extra “.directory” got added automagically.

This looks like a bug in kmail to me. Yes? If you agree, where do I report it?



I don’t think so.
You should have configured it to use “local-mail”, not “.local-mail.directory”.
The latter one is used automatically, I’m not completely sure when/why though but that seems to be part of the maildir standard.

If you set “.local-mail.directory”, it will add a ‘.’ and a ‘.directory’ again which is probably not what you want.