Kde4 update ?make it happen for me please

i have install open suse 11.0 with kde4
i want to updated kde4 to last version 4.0.3from the internet
i begin update but there misssing package
and there conflicate with depandinse

i search in the google about some rpm but i can find theme
libgps.17.so 32bit
and also

is there to bug that or easy way to make update that resume to complete please don’t add any manual becouse it take more time to read
i want easy way to update completly to kde4

is there way to upgrade version to 11.2

the second problem
there is no manual to access internet through windows network domain all coffie shop using windows network so all people most know how >

finally how to move from compiz to compiz fusion
i am read that only can use at the 11.1 version only

the time is moved if you and novel smart do for us
[what you see is wat you get in one second not at the long]

thank you for comunity team and to open suse to work hard for us>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  1. It is much easier to forget about OS 11.0 and install 11.2 instead, especially if you want a working KDE4.

  2. Not sure what your problem with Internet access is but you mention coffee shops so I assume you want to use the wifi network in places like Starbucks. You need a username and password and enter these in Network Manager, that’s all. Windows has nothing to do with it.

  3. Compiz and Compiz Fusion, for all practical purposes, are the same thing. Again, don’t worry about 11.0 and 11.1, they both support it by default, as does 11.2. But then you want to use KDE4 so you don’t really need Compiz anyway.

Hope that helps. Let us know of there’s anything else :slight_smile: