KDE4:UNSTABLE 4.3.81 Alt-Tab not working

On my 64bit systems Alt-Tab and other key combinations are not working. ‘kwin --replace &’ solves it for the current session.
See: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=217657

Now installing the packages from Factory, see if it’s the same with 4.3.80, met some odd dep. problems, already described elsewhere on the forum.

OK, Alt-Tab and other shortcuts DO WORK in the packages from KDE4:Factory

These show some dep. problems. I decided to uninstall some apps, save the list, and reinstall them after updating from KDE4:Factory.

I also change to Factory from Unstable and weird thing happened, the “Plain Desktop” option disappeared :slight_smile: Also Alt+Tab works now without kwin --replace;)