KDE4 TwinView: Restricting Panels to specific Screen?

My KDE4 / Nvidia-TwinView setup works fine: Despite having one X screen, I have separate panels and backgrounds on each screen. Nice! :slight_smile:

HOWEVER, when my Laptop is travelling without my the second monitor, I get all panels on the Laptop’s single screen. It all returns to normal when I am docked, but it is annoying while travelling.

Is there a way to prohibit additional panels if a screen is missing?

Under KDE3, one could explicitly assign the screen for each panel. Is this option available for KDE4 too? (e.g. by editing some config file?)

PS: I have a top panel on each screen with the task manager showing the windows on the corresponding screen only. Obviously I need only one if there is only one screen. Of course, activating panel hiding for one of them is a workaround, but a slightly annoying one.*