KDE4 tutorial?

Is/are there a tutorial(s) for KDE 4 maybe written for OpenSuse? I’d especially like to get a better handle on having different activities on different desktops. I’ve seen one for PCLinuxOS that refers to something called ZUI and zoom in & out but am having trouble relating.

thanks in advance - mike

Hello mikeinsantarosa,

I’m not aware of such tutorials.
But you can have look at this kde4 tutorial: KDE - KDE Software Compilation 4.4 Feature Guide

Another great source of kde4 information is the kde4 manual: KDE Documentation -

Good luck!:wink:

Google will give you some material on that. Two examples:

My KDE 4.x Desktop Activities Tutorial « An alien’s viewpoint
Chimaera & Bellerophon » Blog Archive » We all love activities

Edit - one more:


ChaniBlog is quite nice and helpful when you want to be up to date about the most recent and planned KDE4 features and concepts.