KDE4 Temperatur Monitor

I’m using the system system monitor applet, and ksysguard, with lm sensors to monitor CPU / GPU temps and fan speeds. Works great, and I love the system monitor applets fuel gauge style display.

However, I don’t see any way to configure maximum temp thresholds in either of these. It appears that ksensors previously allowed the configuration of temp alerts, but this appears to be a pretty old school app at this point.

I am surprised that ksysguard and system-monitor don’t have alerting functions. Am I just missing this, or is there another applet that is currently providing this functionality?

Lews Therin

Can not help you with the ksysguard as I am not using it, but →GKrellM is neat and offers various alert functions.

Hi there,
I did try out GKrellM, and while I do like the alerting, I guess I was looking for something with a bit more modern feel and integration with KDE. I really surprised Ksysguard / system monitor applet don’t have monitoring. I think I’ll recommend this over at the KDE site. Thank you for the suggestion though.
Lews Theirn