KDE4 system settings and personal info.


I’m trying OpenSuSE 11.1 on a work machine and have installed KDE4.

On my laptop at home, I use Arch and within KDE’s system settings -> About me, there is an area where you can enter a default email address, smtp server, organisation, change password etc. In SuSE, I only get the module for setting paths.

Have I missed an install, or is there something additional in SuSE I need to do?


To change your password you use:-

administration settings / yast / security & users / user and management group

the email settings usually just go in the email client that you use kmail, thunderbird etc


I understand I can change password that way, but it was nice having everything in one place. From what I remember, all KDE apps. that used the information could take it from that one place (email and personal stuff).

It also took a pic. which was then used in KDM login etc. (although, my mug would be too scary for that :wink: )