KDE4 Startup Apps - Adding/Removing???

How can I add/remove apps from KDE4 startup?
I’ve been having some issues with SCIM and I can’t kill it for the life of me. I’ll kill all the processes and then they come right back. It’s using scim-panel-gtk and I want it to use the KDE frontend. No idea how to go about this. I’ve done a bit of searching and haven’t seen anyone address how to edit the startup apps. I know about ~/.kde4/Autostart but there’s nothing in there.

Thanks for the help!!

It may not be the easiest way, but I open up a terminal (yakuake for the win) and then change directories

cd /home/foo/.kde/Autostart

(for KDE4 it is /home/foo/.kde4/Autostart/)

Then create a link here to whatever app you want to start. For instance I add the following:

ln -s /usr/bin/yakuake yakuake
ln -s /usr/bin/fusion-icon fusion-icon
ln -s /usr/bin/kmix kmix

Man, you’re just all over answering my questions!
Ok so making symbolic links to the Autostart folder is how you do it. How does KDE know to start SCIM automatically? (because what I want to do is remove it. Not SCIM, just the startup. I’d prefer to use skim instead)

I try to help out.

Some apps when you kill them will ask if you want to remove them from startup. And sometimes those apps aren’t in the Autostart folder, so I’m not sure where that setting is.

The following might help:
Log in with ICEWM (or you might use Alt+Ctrl+F1) with your account. Then open a terminal and enter
cd .kde4/share/config/session
Now enter in the terminal: ls
and see if there is a file starting with SCIM or whatever the app is (the full name may contain some random characters but the app name will be there before the first _ in the name).
If such a file exists delete that file
rm SCIM*
Now log out and log into your KDE4 desktop. See if it starts without SCIM.