KDE4 stability?

I know (at least, I think I know) that KDE4 is not stable yet. How stable is it for average use though? I use it as a web server, and my mother occasionally emails from it. Any particular concerns I should have?

Current 4.1.3 can be added to Suse 11.0 - or 11.1 will come with kde4.1.3

Either way it doesn’t matter. This version is classed Stable now in the repo’s.

I currently run OpenSuse 11.0 and the Unstable beta kde4.2, and it is as stable if not more so than 4.1.3

Personally I have no issue recommending kde4 now, though I would suggest having kde3 as backup.

Hm, may be a bit off topic, but how do you use KDE as web server? Is this better then Apache?