KDE4, Softrwareupdate...

How can i update the software in KDE4? In Gnome it is easy…when you start yast…there are tree lists, one with the optional packages, one with the software updates and one with the just installed software…

I installed yesterday KDE4 and when i start yast same way there is no update field! :’(


in KDE4 you can keep all packages up to date by going into Yast Software Management. At the top right click Package>All Packages>Update if newer available.

Otherwise, any packages that is in the color black, means it’s up to date. Any packages that are colored blue are packages that have updates. Any packages that are colored red mean that there has been a rollback of the package or it could be red if the package is installed but the repository has been disabled or deleted.

Hope this helps!


Thanks…it is difficult to find! :wink:
KDE4 looks so nice…i taste to use it last summer but to many bugs…but now it is so cool!