KDE4 Restart Options

Hi all! I have a minor annoyance that I hope someone can help with.

On machines where I perform a dual boot (Windows/Linux), when I freshly install openSUSE11.2, I get several options when I click the Lock/Logout -> Restart

There is a small dropdown arrow on the Restart Computer option that allows me to reboot directly into Windows or back into Linux - thus bypassing the GRUB screen selection.

I don’t know what I changed on my settings, but now I now longer have the option to select which OS to restart into. It no longer shows the dropdown arrow on the Restart Computer button.

Does anyone have any idea where these options come from?

It isn’t a major problem - just a slight annoyance that I would like to correct.


I think this is you need:
openSuse reboot - openSUSE Forums

Hey! Great! That is exactly the problem. Thanks!!