KDE4 panel / task manager


I’ve recently installed openSuse 11.4 KDE. I love it, a bit of a learning curve as I am a traditional Gnome user, but I have to say KDE4 is great.

Let me just say, I tried Ubuntu Natty and I struggled to get some of the features on my HP 8510w laptop working and openSuse 11.4 supported everything with no tweaking. It’s stable, quick and I am extremely happy with the look and feel.

I am just struggling with one thing. When I choose a dark desktop backgroud it makes text in the bottom panel hard to read. I don’t want to disable the transparency (if that is possible) - I’d just like to change the panel text colour to a lighter colour.

Is this possible in KDE4?

Thank you in advance.

So is the text down there Black, because mine is white?

Yes, the text is black on a transparent panel.


Let me see if I can find some settings
It might depend on the Workspace theme
Let me check

Try switching to Oxygen or Slim Glow

System Settings > Workspace Appearance > Desktop Theme

On Tue, 07 Jun 2011 15:06:03 +0530, Will777
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> Yes, the text is black on a transparent panel.

there’s different settings you can choose from the KDE application
“systemsettings”. you can type that into k-runner (alt+F2), in the KDE
start menu (what’s it’s name, in the bottom left corner, usually), or type
it into a command line interface.

in these “systemsettings” you’ll find options to change your application
and/or desktop- or workspace layout, using themes or manual options.


Thanks guys,

I will try that out