KDE4 Menu updating indefinitely

When I edit the KDE menu by right-clicking on the gecko and then running the menu editor, I add what I want and click save (this has worked in the past) but now it goes through the ‘Updating system’ phase and goes from 0-100% repeatedly for what seems indefinite. I let it run for 5 mins before cancelling it.
Anyone else have this problem/know how to fix it?

I’m not using KDE but it may be a bug given that KDE 4 is still a little unstable.

What version of KDE 4 are you running?

Again, I’m recommending to everyone to update to the latest 4.1 betas.

KDE 4.0.5. I think it’s a bug as well.

I’ll upgrading to the FACTORY repo KDE a shot. I upgraded to 4.1 before and it looked terrible. I tried to downgrade back to 4.0.5 and it broke my system. During login, it would say kde4-init failed or something along those lines. FACTORY repo should be ok though.

Upgrade to KDE4.1 seems like it has fixed this problem.