KDE4-kopete, rc1 and MSN woes

After yesterdays update I am no longer able to connect to the msn network. Libmsn is installed and I’ve even tried to compile libmsn from source, but I am still unable to connect. The new msn plugin for kopete is able to get the contact list data from the msn server, but not connect. Since I am a user of opensuse and not a god of the CLI I hope somebody more clever than me would be able to help out.

is msn all you use on kopete? if not is everything else connecting? I had a slight problem with my update, being that it deleted my msn account and I had to put it back in, but for me it is connecting and I am using it now.

ICQ and AOL connects just fine. I removed the kopete config files in .kde4/share/config and the kopete folder in .kde4/share/apps and tried to start from scratch, but the problem persisted.