KDE4 Knotify not working (for KMail)

I’m trying to get KMail to display a pop-up when a new message arrives.

I’ve set the Notification in KMail to pop-up and play sound, and confirmed that the same setting appears in “Configure Desktop-Personal Settings”. I’m hoping this will be similar to the “Mailbox Alert” add-on for Thunderbird, which I quite liked.

But, there’s no pop-up or sound when a new message arrives.

Has this been “turned off” for KDE4 or something?

Can someone give me a clue please?


did u get this work?

my kde 4.3.5 still does not have kmail popup notification.

It is working after I log out and log in.

But it does not seem to be simutaneously as kmail receives a new mail. It always pops up a little bit late.