kde4/ kde3 problem

After uppgraded from os 10.3 to 11.1
I has got a big incompability problem
I have som “maps” and files named with the swedish
charaters, no problem if using kde3´s filmanager
but with the kde4´s filemanager I get funny charaters
my Question is how to solv thise problem.
all my photos from holliday, new years ans so on and lots of files has the swedish charaters in them

pls help how do I solve this incompability fault in kde4

regards fredrik

So if there are no “funny” characters in KDE3 then it means that the file system OK, your pictures are OK - maybe you have already figured out this. :wink:
Update your KDE4 installation, and if the pictures are on the same drive with your home directory do a backup. :wink:

Check your fonts in the Configure desktop - Appearance - Fonts

Have you changed these. I had some strange fonts showing up with certain font selections.
Switch to defaults and see if it clears up.