kde4-k3b mp3 codec problem

Hello, Guys

I just update my kde4 to kde4.2 and installed kde4-k3b. When I start k3b, there is a window popup saying I do not have proper codec for make mp3 into a CD. I check yast with string, but nothing useful popup.

So I am wondering if you guys have already got a solution for this problem.


I still only use k3b with k3b-codecs from Packman

I’ve had that same message regardless of whether or not I have all the libraries and codecs installed with kde4-k3b. I’ve given up using it since it’s still so buggy.

Yes this is true but it will rip cd’s to ogg


The message said I needed to install libmad, so I did. But that uninstalled mad, which k3b said it needed! Since the “fix” didn’t work, should I get rid of libmad and go back to mad?

BTW, if mp3s aren’t involved, does kde4-k3b work? Will it burn my iso’s?

Works well was keeping the kde3 version. But changed with kde4.2.
Tested yesterday ripped an audio cd to ogg then used the same files to make an audio cd and also an iso of the same cd.
All worked perfectly and no more kde3x eben deleted the .kde folder :slight_smile:


WOW your jumping in head first aren’t you