KDE4 instead of openSUSE Brandings

openSUSE 11.1 / KDE 4.1.3

How to change the login and desktop boot to the standard KDE4 graphics?

Also, is there a road-map for moving KDE4.2 from factory to stable?

Personally I would not mess with the login.

4.2 as I understand is likely to be given a new repo under the title 4.2 - I’m not sure on the timing but it’s not far away.

Hi. AFAIK, the KDE 4.2 factory repo for openSUSE 11.1 provides a stable KDE 4.2. You can change the branding by simply selecting the branding_upstream packages instead of branding_opensuse. Works for me. Good luck!

Hello supertimorplusfort,

Yes, I have tried installing upstream-brandings for kdm4, kbase4, openoffice, gimp etc., etc… All function correctly except kdm4, which reverts to the old kdm3 style log-in manager. Strange…

Ciao, Simon.

PS: I use the factory repo on one PC where I first try out all the latests versions of different applications.

For the other 2 “working” PCs I deliberately don’t install software from the factory repo because by definition the factory repo contains experimental versions…

Hence my by the way question regarding the road-map for the move of KDE 4.2 factory to stable…

I would check the contents of the openSUSE kdm theme.