KDE4 icons and command line commands

I’m running Suse 11.3 with KDE4.

I have an icon in my Kickoff Application Launcher for xterm. When
I click on the icon, it apparently executes the command
/usr/bin/xterm which generates a large window with a large font.

I would like to get a smaller window with a smaller font. I know
how to do that on a command line but to execute the command
I need to already have a window open so I can run the command.

So how do I (a) add a new icon to the KDE launcher which
generates the command I want or (b) change the existing icon
so that it executes MY command and not the basic /usr/bin/xterm?


Hello Larry1019,

Simply right-click on the Kickoff “Application Launcher” icon and select “Menu Editor”.

A new window will open.
On your left a tree structure will appear, from there select xterm.
If I’m not mistaking it’s something like System->Terminal->XTerm.
On your right you’ll see some options to modify the XTerm launcher including the command to execute.
Change it to the command you want and press save.

Good luck!:wink:

Thanks – that looks like it will work. I’ll try it when I get back in
on Tuesday.