KDE4 has crashed

I cannot use kde4 on suse 11. gnome works to some degree.
Do anubody know how to fix kde4 ?

What is your computer configuration?

It is a Thinkpad R61i. It did work fine until I installed some programs. Do you know which conf file I need to tweak ?

#sax2 -r
from command line.

I tried. Seems like it brought down the xserver some seconds. Did not function, sax did not start.

Here is what happend, and there it stopped.

sax2 -r
SaX: initializing please wait…
SaX: your current configuration will not be read in

SaX: access to your display has been granted
SPP: prepare device [0] profile: Depth24
SPP: prepare device [0] profile: NVidia
SPP: calling device [0] profile script: NVidia
SPP: prepare device [0] profile: NoModelines
SPP: prepare device [0] profile: Composite
SPP: prepare device [3] profile: alps
SPP: prepare device [5] profile: alps
SPP: including prepared profile(s)…

SaX: startup
SaX: X-Server: :0.0 -> grant

Thanks for the answers anyway !

try to unintstall nvidia drivers

#zypper se here_type_nvidia_drivers_name
#zypper rm here_type_the_result_from_fist_query

After reboot teh system will try to detect the video card and will install the default vga drivers.
Try again sax2.