KDE4 does not use 2nd Xterm at start

I have always used two separate Xterms not twinview for my work space. But KDE4 seems to only work with twinview, as when I installed the Nvidia driver and used that tool to setup the XORG config file. when KDE restarted it did not start a desk top on the other screen. I can however move the mouse over to the other screen but it turns into an X from the arrow, and the screen is black, and does not responed to any clicking. Am i missing something, or does KDE4 not support multiple Xterms config of Xorg?

It seems to have lost functionality… The reason I am doing this is that in twinview mode, when I click on the application launcher menu icon the darn menu pops up on the other screen, darn annoying really.

I posted this same thing to the login forum in error, sorry