KDE4 default weather plasmoid useless!!

It seems that whatever city I search for with this useless plasmoid, it always reports “cannot find”.

What’s the point of a weather app that can’t find anything?

Has anyone actually figured out how to use the bloody thing?

Do I need to stand on my head on the third Tuesday of each month at exactly midday while reciting a passage from the Bible backwards in order for it to find any major city on this planet?

No problems here (Sydney). Are you calling Cologne a “major city on this planet”???

I’m having problems with the KDE4 weather plasmoid too. It doesn’t recognize Islamabad, in Pakistan. The strange thing is, it used to work fine some time ago. The problem seems to have begun recently.


I type in “London” and it says it cannot find it, is that big enough for you? I type in Sydney and it says cannot find it, whatever I type in it cannot find it.

I said nothing about Cologne, although it used to at least give me Bonn, but no longer.

I’ve tried several formats -

London, England
London, UK
london, uk

…nothing works.

I did manage to get London in canada when I switched it to the canadian weather service, but the default BBC one doesn’t work at all.

-use YaST to add a new user
-log out
-log in as the new user and before doing any customizations
install/configure/setup [follow all applicable documention/manuals]
the default weather plasmoid…
-try typing in London
-if it doesn’t work, turn off desktop effects and try again
-boot from the LiveCD and try it there…

eventually you will (probably) find the exact reasons for it not
working, and you then have the basis for a really informative bug
report to http://en.opensuse.org/Submitting_Bug_Reports


[Kde] Weather Plasma Widget not finding your city? - Ubuntu Forums](http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8491914)

Sorry, couldn’t resist the dig at Cologne… Koelle alaaf rotfl!
But you’re right. I have it running fine on my laptop, but never bothered with it on my desktop. I’ve just tried installing it on my desktop, same results as you’re getting. Now I wonder why it’s still working fine on my laptop, will investigate tomorrow when I’ll be using it again…

It’s odd, I have far fewer problems on my laptop than my blasted desktop! Just don’t update your laptop yet, it might break stuff :.

That weather applet seems to work on some installs, but not others, and combining it with all the other woes I’ve been having lately I’m starting to think it must be sunspots or some odd alien intervention picking just on me >:(.

Excellent! Thanks RD, I’ll try that later on :D.

Working at the laptop now, weather plasmoid chugging along nicely with up-to-date info from BBC. Go figure…
And yes, the laptop’s fully updated, KDE 4.3.4…

Try plasmoid-yawp. It’s available in the KDE4:/Community repo.

RedDwarf’s suggestion works perfectly, thanks for that :).

I like to use the deafault weather plasmoid because it can be added to the taskbar, I believe the others can’t be, although admittedly I haven’t tried!

I don’t like plasmoids on my laptop desktop because the screen is too small and they waste space.