KDE4 change password via gui

Hello, I’m using latest opensuse 11.1 with KDE4.1. The problem is, I cannot find a place to change my user password via GUI. I know I can use terminal->passwd command or use YAST as root but I want to be able to change my password as a simple user (kde3 and gnome both let me do that). Have they disabled this feature in KDE4. Thank you!

I don’t know is where it on KDE4 (is it exists?), but you can do this via YaST -> Security and Users -> User and Group Management -> select your user and hit the Edit button.

Ok, a small workaround, in menu search, typing password… then KDE3-s User/password settings link appears in the listing, via that it’s possible to edit userinfo. But I still think, the password and other options should be under “About me” in KDE4

Try: Yast>> Security & Users>> User & Group Management

I am afraid that that is not what OP wants because that is using root. As a normal user you want to change your password without even knowing the password of root. The CLI user has the passwd command for that (as the OP mentioned). As a GUI user he wants a GUI way to change the passwd. In KDE3 this can easily be found in the Desktop Configuration > Privacy and Security > Password … His question is: where is this (IMHO basic functionality) in KDE4.

  • hcvv wrote, On 01/06/2009 05:16 PM:
    >His question is: where is this
    > (IMHO basic functionality) in KDE4.

Should be in this additional package:


ALT+F2 >kdepasswd haven’t found it in kicker yet


Ah, my bad. Thx for the clarification.

Thank you guys!
Installing the additional package ‘kde4-kdepasswd’ resolved the issue, additional tab appeared under “About Me” section. I’m still wondering, why isn’t this feature installed by default.

Glad you found it. Think you are right. Changing your password is more important than most of the other bells and colours you can change.

I will try to remember this when I go for KDE4. Thanks for sharing the solution with us.